Aunt Abby’s Confections is a high end bakery in Scottsdale, AZ and were named one of the three best bakeries in Scottsdale.  Aunt Abby Hershorin and Margaret Yochem opened the business in 2012 in order to provide our customers with the best tasting, highest quality pastries they will eat in the Scottsdale area or anywhere in the country.

We offer several different lines of products for our customers.  We started with a line of cookies and bars that remind you of what your mother and grandmother made.  We then developed a line of French macarons that we are proud to call them the best in the southwest. (Look at our yelp reviews to understand how our customers feel about them.  Aunt Abby's Yelp Reviews)  Since then we have developed our gluten free line and our vegan line that are carried in various grocery stores, coffee shops and cafes.  We cater events, weddings and parties with beautiful cakes (regular, gluten free, and vegan) and custom dessert bars.

Our Team:

We have a team of amazing people who are dedicated to our customers, to our business, and most importantly to each other and the success of everyone.

  • Aunt Abby Hershorin:  Owner and Mad Scientist.  Aunt Abby creates all of our newest products and flavors and makes sure that all of our orders are delivered on time no matter how big or small the order and no matter where the order is going.
  • Margaret Yochem:  Owner and Sales and Marketing.  Margaret introduces our products and capabilities to customers and makes sure that all of our customers can order and receive the products they want.
  • Chris Short:  Assistant Pastry Chef.  Chris helps everywhere in the bakery.  He also designs all the decorated sugar cookies that have become a real staple for us.
  • Jullianna Williams:  Assistant Pastry Chef.  Jullianna takes the lead in our French macaron production.  Her skills ensure that your French macarons will meet your highest expectations.
  • Emily Germia:  Pastry cook.  Emily creates cookie doughs and decorates sugar cookies to bring a smile to anyone’s face young or old.
  • Juan Gabriel Segouia:  Packaging and team support.  John makes sure that our products are packed for delivery and generally helps everywhere and everyone  in the bakery.

Contact Us:

To contact us for questions or to create something delicious for your special event, please visit our contact page. Or, feel free to email us or call: 

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